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News 8 Reports on ChromaGen Lenses

Runtime: 2:30

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ABC 15 Reports on ChromaGen Lenses

Runtime: 0:36

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New Lenses offer hope to visually impaired

Runtime: 2:16

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DFW Close Up reports on ChromaGen Lenses

Runtime: 5:35

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WBTV3 New lenses help children overcome obstacles

Runtime: 2:24

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Dr. Charles Shidlofsky

Dr. Shidlofsky discusses why ChromaGen lenses fit into his practice and how he is helping his patients.

Charles Shidlofsky, O.D. and Associates

Runtime: 1:44
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Dr. Mary Anne Peck

Dr. Peck discusses how her patients benefit from ChromaGen lenses.

Dr. Peck - Eyecare & Eyewear

Runtime: 1:40
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Dr. Carrie Alfieri

Dr. Alfieri discusses how her patients benefit from ChromaGen.

Dr Alfieri - Pinnacle Eye Associates

Runtime: 2:28
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Children Testimonials

Children and their parents share their stories about ChromaGen Lenses.

Runtime: 4:37
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